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The Slovak company OLEJÁR, spol. s.r.o. is active within the whole territory of Slovakia and other countries of the European Union in the field of manufacturing and installation of tactile elements for the blind, fibreglass, non-slip and navigation solutions.

In the early days of existence, the company has dealt with the production of fibreglass products. Gradually we have improved our manufacturing processes from standard production of fibreglass to the introduction of a modern vacuum foaming system based on unsaturated polyester resin. Customer satisfaction is the best proof of the quality of our products.

Progressive fibreglass production system enables us to flexibly respond to customer requirements and reduce emissions released into the environment. The production capacity of our company enables the production in range of small and medium-sized series of products of different sizes and volumes including oversized surfaces. The entire production process is conducted in accordance with the requirements of the customer in relation to the model, form and structure of the final product.

Since 2008, our company deals with the manufacture and installation of tactile elements for the blind, non-slip and navigation solutions. Our company introduced unique non-slip stainless steel, brass, homogeneous unglazed ceramic tiles, plastic tactile indicators, stair nosings, non-slip and navigation products to the market.

In a short time our company ranks among the leading experts in the supply of high-quality security and tactile products that combine the latest innovations in the industry.

At present our company produces and provides installation of the following products:

  • tactile guidelines /guide strips and warning strips for blind made from first class materials, such as stainless steel, brass, aluminium, polymers, ceramics, fibreglass, etc.,
  • stair nosings create professional architectural design and stair nosing designed for industrial buildings,
  • non-slip plates for barrier free entry for wheelchair users, non-slip ramp covers and non-slip cover for industrial ladder rungs,
  • tables and tapes for labelling emergency exits,
  • fibreglass products, roof boxes, transport coffins, covers fro dental technology, etc.

We have knowledge and products to help you implement a complete security system that minimizes injuries caused by falls, facilitates fast and organized evacuation of persons in normal and emergency conditions.

We offer you the top in production, delivery and installation of tactile elements for the blind, fibreglass, non-slip and navigation solutions in external and internal spaces.

We guarantee extreme resistance to wear of our products, which provides the highest non-slip and tactile safety. Each piece produced is subject to stringent 100% quality control in order to achieve the highest level of technical security features of the product.

We work quickly and reliably. Thanks to our complexity we provide “turnkey” services, i. e. production, delivery and installation. We cooperate with our partners and customers in order to solve all their needs related to the aesthetics of the installation, maintenance of the products and the level of security in areas of individual objects.

With us the customers will find everything they need in the field of tactile warning strips, tactile guidelines for the blind, non-slip and navigation solutions, also in case of production from fibreglass.

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