Anti-Slip Tapes

Anti-Slip Tapes are used to indicate potential slip areas in your facility, ensure maximum safety and help prevent falls or slips at construction sites, warehouses, office buildings and other hazardous areas. They can be used wherever safe footing is required to prevent slipping.

We offer anti-slip tapes of superior colour contrast and stability, very good grip properties (high Coefficient of Friction values) and high durability. There are following products available, each one for a specific purpose:
  • Anti-Slip Tape with abrasive minerals, for quick and durable application in various conditions. 3 grades of grit are available: Standard, Coarse and Heavy Duty.
  • Waterproof Tape is a non-abrasive waterproof anti-slip tape suitable for wet and bare foot areas.
  • Glow in the Dark Tape offers grip properties and simultaneously ensures that during power outs and in badly lit areas all walkways, stairways and exits are illuminated well enough to find your way safely. 
  • Conformable Anti-Slip Tape is our standard Anti-Slip Tape applied on a thin aluminium layer. Thanks to this it can conform to uneven and bumpy surfaces. It especially suitable for durbar plates.
  • Anti-Slip Fabric is used to secure slipping of carpets on smooth surfaces and the scratch protection of these floorings.
  • Reflective Tape is a simple adhesive tape with excellent visibility intended for marking potentially hazardous areas and spots. 
  • Perpetual Stripes are a very durable aisle marking system. Simple installation, much higher dependability than a paintcoat. 
  • Perpetual Path is complete marking system for factories and warehouses. It is a subcategory of Perpetual Stripes, a thinner material with an under-surface print functionality.
  • Ancillaries are chemicals that add to the service use of our Anti-Slip Tapes.
Anti-Slip Tape

Anti-Slip Tape

Anti-Slip Tape is our original griptape with abrasive minerals for quick and durable application in many different conditions.

We produce the Anti-Slip Tape in 3 main grades: Standard, Coarse and Heavy Duty (for industrial use). 
Anti-Slip Tape

Anti-Slip Tape is our original griptape with abrasive minerals for quick and durable application in many different conditions.

We produce the Anti-Slip Tape in 3 main grades:
  • Standard – used for most situations, the abrasive coatings provides excellent levels of grip and friction.
  • Coarse – a deeper material, it is an industrial grade griptape, which might not be suitable for more conventional applications.
  • Heavy Duty – suitable for industrial situations, the deep grit prevents clogging by dirt or dust. Due to its thickness we apply a higher grade adhesive to prevent lifting, and a thicker plastic carrier is used to increase durability.
We produce the Anti-Slip Tape in a vast range of colours. Our standard stock colour range is:

Black (3 grades), red, yellow (2 grades), blue, green, grey, brown, white, transparent, fluorescent yellow, red/white chevrons and black/yellow chevrons.

On request we can produce our Anti-Slip Tape to any RAL or Pantone reference. Please enquire for minimum order quantities and turnover times, as naturally bespoke colour options can take a bit longer to produce than off the shelf products.

Anti-Slip Tape can be applied onto almost any surface and instantly provides an anti-slip surface that is ready to walk on.

We can create Abrasive Anti-Slip Tape rolls in any width from 19 mm up to 1168 mm. Shapes are easily die cut, our web fed presses use rule tooling, accurate to 0.1 mm. Any shape is possible.

Anti-Slip Walkway - Safe Walkway System

Anti-Slip Walkway is suitable as a route for personnel in the workplace, in set lengths to allow any workplace to create an adaptable safe walkway for their needs. These allow areas that are subjected to dirt or ice to still have safe zones for people to walk around without fear of slips.

Painted walkways in warehouses and factories, whilst having their uses, are prone to a few problems. Down time can become quite costly in terms of time due to having to first, paint the walkway, wait for it to dry, then paint whatever signage you want on top. Depending on size, this could lose you a day of productivity in that area. Another problem with painted surfaces is, if not properly treated, they can become slippery when wet.

We have created a solution where downtime is kept to a minimum. Our walkway system is a large roll of printed anti-slip material that requires one application, and business can resume as normal. More efficient in every way compared to a painted surface!

Rolls come in either 1 m x 5 m or 1 m x 10 m, with a green base and two yellow “walking man” signs at regular intervals. We finish by coating the surface with our industry standard, high quality anti-slip grit to ensure maximum safety!

Each roll is self-adhesive, meaning it really is one of the most efficient walkway systems available, and can be applied in internal or external conditions, with the use of a combination of our ancillaries ensuring successful and durable application.

The Anti-Slip Walkway system is available in green and yellow and blue and white. Dependent on order quantity, we can create a wide range of virtually unlimited colour combinations to suit your brand or workplace.

Printed Anti-Slip Warning Tape

Many customers commonly want to make a hazardous area not only safe for foot traffic but also prominently highlighted as a risk area; most customers prefer to do this by warning text. We offer two standard prints on rolls and two on cut pieces.

75 mm x 18.3 m rolls, yellow Anti-Slip Tape base with black text (the text is repeated along the length of the tape):


150 mm x 610 mm, yellow Anti-Slip Tape with black text:

CAUTION                                  WATCH YOUR STEP

We chose the colours as they are vibrant with high levels of contrast between the two creating something highly visible.

We can create bespoke texts, please enquire for minimum order quantities and lead times.

Removable Anti-Slip Tape - Temporary Slip Prevention

Removable Anti-Slip tape is a suitable product to use for areas that need a temporary anti-slip surface, and in places where the aesthetics need to be preserved, hinting at the use of slip prevention that can be removed easily.

Our regular Anti-Slip tapes carry some of the most powerful adhesive known. We altered this adhesive so when the tape is applied, it holds firm, but it does not cure upon contact, allowing a clean and easy removable of the tape when it's purpose has been served.

Our Removable Anti-Slip tape is finished with our industry standard aluminium oxide grit, ensuring a hard wearing surface that will not fail. It is available in black, yellow or black and yellow hazard. We can offer bespoke options dependent on order quantity, matching to any Pantone or RAL reference.

Removable Anti-Slip tape is particularly useful for weddings, promotional events, concerts, markets and other events that use areas temporarily and need slip prevention, without defacing the area.
Chemical Resistant Tape

All of our anti-slip materials have high levels of chemical resistance; the potential power of a chemical to damage the tape varies from solution to solution. Commonly found chemicals such as water, soap solutions or many others do not pose any harm, even occasional exposure to certain petrochemicals or harsher cleaning does not affect the material. In certain, and very rare, situations the tape could be completely submerged under a liquid that is extremely aggressive. Some of our customers use problematic solutions; these could include high concentration butanone, toluene, acids, alkalis etc.

When a very harsh chemical is allowed to collect on the upper Anti-Slip tape surface, especially in situations where it cannot dissipate, then our products are under constant attack, in some cases these results in problems. Olejar therefore makes the Chemical Resistant Tape. It has a modified upper bonding resin; this modification helps to prevent problems by resisting most chemical attacks. The resin used on the tape is designed to withstand long term exposure to high concentration chemicals. Chemical Resistant Tape has exactly the same appearance as our normal abrasive anti-slip range, the grit looks the same, the adhesion is the same level, and it has the same levels of Coefficient of Friction (how grip levels are measured).

At present it is only produced in black but it can be made in other colours. All roll widths are available and die cut pieces are available on request.
Code of the product Product
/ mm /
PPO-BL/25/18,3/S self-adhesive black 25 Order
PPO-BL/50/18,3/S self-adhesive black -- Order
PPO-BL/100/18,3/S self-adhesive black -- Order
PPO-BL/25/18,3/C self-adhesive black 25 Order
PPO-BL/50/18,3/C self-adhesive black -- Order
PPO-BL/100/18,3/C self-adhesive black -- Order
PPO-BL/25/18,3/HD self-adhesive black 25 Order
PPO-BL/50/18,3/HD self-adhesive black -- Order
PPO-BL/100/18,3/HD self-adhesive black -- Order
Code of the product Product
/ mm /
PPO-WH/25/18,3/S self-adhesive white 25 Order
PPO-WH/50/18,3/S self-adhesive white -- Order
PPO-WH/100/18,3/S self-adhesive white -- Order
PPO-WH/25/18,3/C self-adhesive white 25 Order
PPO-WH/50/18,3/C self-adhesive white -- Order
PPO-WH/100/18,3/C self-adhesive white -- Order
PPO-WH/25/18,3/HD self-adhesive white 25 Order
PPO-WH/50/18,3/HD self-adhesive white -- Order
PPO-WH/100/18,3/HD self-adhesive white -- Order
Code of the product Product
/ mm /
PPO-YE/25/18,3/S self-adhesive yellow 25 Order
PPO-YE/50/18,3/S self-adhesive yellow -- Order
PPO-YE/100/18,3/S self-adhesive yellow -- Order
PPO-YE/25/18,3/C self-adhesive yellow 25 Order
PPO-YE/50/18,3/C self-adhesive yellow -- Order
PPO-YE/100/18,3/C self-adhesive yellow -- Order
PPO-YE/25/18,3/HD self-adhesive yellow 25 Order
PPO-YE/50/18,3/HD self-adhesive yellow -- Order
PPO-YE/100/18,3/HD self-adhesive yellow -- Order
Code of the product Product
/ mm /
PPO-BL-YE/25/18,3/S self-adhesive d 25 Order
PPO-BL-YE/50/18,3/S self-adhesive d -- Order
PPO-BL-YE/100/18,3/S self-adhesive d -- Order
PPO-BL-YE/25/18,3/C self-adhesive d 25 Order
PPO-BL-YE/50/18,3/C self-adhesive d -- Order
PPO-BL-YE/100/18,3/C self-adhesive d -- Order
PPO-BL-YE/25/18,3/HD self-adhesive d 25 Order
PPO-BL-YE/50/18,3/HD self-adhesive d -- Order
PPO-BL-YE/100/18,3/HD self-adhesive d -- Order
Code of the product Product
/ mm /
PPO-WH-RE/25/18,3/S self-adhesive f 25 Order
PPO-WH-RE/50/18,3/S self-adhesive f -- Order
PPO-WH-RE/100/18,3/S self-adhesive f -- Order
PPO-WH-RE/25/18,3/C self-adhesive f 25 Order
PPO-WH-RE/50/18,3/C self-adhesive f -- Order
PPO-WH-RE/100/18,3/C self-adhesive f -- Order
PPO-WH-RE/25/18,3/HD self-adhesive f 25 Order
PPO-WH-RE/50/18,3/HD self-adhesive f -- Order
PPO-WH-RE/100/18,3/HD self-adhesive f -- Order
Code of the product Product
/ mm /
PPO-BLU/25/18,3/S self-adhesive blue 25 Order
PPO-BLU/50/18,3/S self-adhesive blue -- Order
PPO-BLU/100/18,3/S self-adhesive blue -- Order
PPO-BLU/25/18,3/C self-adhesive blue 25 Order
PPO-BLU/50/18,3/C self-adhesive blue -- Order
PPO-BLU/100/18,3/C self-adhesive blue -- Order
PPO-BLU/25/18,3/HD self-adhesive blue 25 Order
PPO-BLU/50/18,3/HD self-adhesive blue -- Order
PPO-BLU/100/18,3/HD self-adhesive blue -- Order
Code of the product Product
/ mm /
PPO-BR/25/18,3/S self-adhesive brown 25 Order
PPO-BR/50/18,3/S self-adhesive brown -- Order
PPO-BR/100/18,3/S self-adhesive brown -- Order
PPO-BR/25/18,3/C self-adhesive brown 25 Order
PPO-BR/50/18,3/C self-adhesive brown -- Order
PPO-BR/100/18,3/C self-adhesive brown -- Order
PPO-BR/25/18,3/HD self-adhesive brown 25 Order
PPO-BR/50/18,3/HD self-adhesive brown -- Order
PPO-BR/100/18,3/HD self-adhesive brown -- Order
Code of the product Product
/ mm /
PPO-RG/25/18,3/S self-adhesive a 25 Order
PPO-RG/50/18,3/S self-adhesive a -- Order
PPO-RG/100/18,3/S with pin a -- Order
PPO-RG/25/18,3/C self-adhesive a 25 Order
PPO-RG/50/18,3/C self-adhesive a -- Order
PPO-RG/100/18,3/C self-adhesive a -- Order
PPO-RG/25/18,3/HD self-adhesive a 25 Order
PPO-RG/50/18,3/HD self-adhesive a -- Order
PPO-RG/100/18,3/HD self-adhesive a -- Order
Code of the product Product
/ mm /
PPO-RE/25/18,3/S self-adhesive red 25 Order
PPO-RE/50/18,3/S self-adhesive red -- Order
PPO-RE/100/18,3/S self-adhesive red -- Order
PPO-RE/25/18,3/C self-adhesive red 25 Order
PPO-RE/50/18,3/C self-adhesive red -- Order
PPO-RE/100/18,3/C self-adhesive red -- Order
PPO-RE/25/18,3/HD self-adhesive red 25 Order
PPO-RE/50/18,3/HD self-adhesive red -- Order
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