Tactile surface warning strips /plates/ with a design of studs of semicircular shape are made from a mixture of high-performance polymers and ensure long lasting stable performance.
Tactile surface warning strips /plates/ with a design of studs of semicircular shape are made from a mixture of high-performance polymers, which are commonly used for road markings. Thanks to these features the strips are effective and unbreakable. Their service life is more than 7 years. They are also characterized by: good abrasion resistance, excellent resistance to weathering, ozone, sunlight. The system has proved good outdoors at bus stops, pedestrian crossings.

  • Minimal impact on staff/pedestrians during installation
  • Quick and easy installation using on surfaces /asphalt, concrete/
  • Embossed anti-slip surface, safe and non-slip
  • Low maintenance demands
  • Walking possible immediately after installation
  • Tactile warning strips can be cut to fit any angular combinations
  • PL-LINE offers specifiers the opportunity to equip all places, which are to be labelled by a warning system for the blind, in a
    fast and economical way, without earthworks
  • Several 10 m2  can be installed in one day
In line with international and European standards the luminance contrast between the tactile surface warning strips and the surrounding substrate must be minimum 30%. PL-LINE is available in a variety of colour inserts that allow specifiers to choose the most appropriate contrast values for a given installation.
Individual surface warning strips are available in white colour.



Tactile warning strips with a design of hemispherical projections in a colour contrasting with the colour of the surrounding surface and functional arrangement of hemispherical projections on the ground, that are recognizable by legs and white stick and can be also detected visually, are designed to alert and inform blind and partially sighted people about danger, provide directional guidance (change of direction) and information.

1.Structure of the warning strip in diagonal                                                2.Structure of the warning strip in radial
   arrangement                                                                                                     arrangement


Surface tactile warning strips fit harmoniously into the existing architecture and break the concept in an attractive way.

Versatile and flexible

Enormous variability and flexibility of tactile warning strips and guidelines means that they can be easily fitted into almost any construction without limitation of creative design and architecture. Whether used in new or old constructions, they work exactly the same way.

According to the law against discrimination of the blind and visually impaired, it is required to ensure the placement of tactile

Warning strips
-  are placed on the top and bottom of each arm of the stairs, on ramps in front of escalators, on each side of pedestrian crossings, along platforms of public transport (such as bus stops, train platforms, subway...), sea and river transport and in all areas, which are described in the decree of the country.

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